How it Works

MicroEdge Zinc™ is fully chelated with EDTA to reduce nutrient tie up in the soil and therefore increase nutrient efficiency and availability to plants. In the EDTA chelating process, a ring-like structure is placed around the micronutrient, protecting it from being tied up with the soil or other nutrients, thus ultimate nutrient availability to the plant is assured and deficiencies can be corrected.

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Cereal Grains, Alfalfa, Hay, & Forages

In-Furrow, Banded, Side-Dress & Foliar Applications

In-Furrow: 1-2 pints/acre

2x2 or Banded: 1 quart/acre

Broadcast: 2-4 quarts/acre, incorporated in 3-5 inches of topsoil

Foliar: 1-2 pints/acre in a minimum 10 gallons of water

Aerial: 1-2 pints/acre in a minimum of 1 gallon of water


Nutrient Availability

  • Contains 4.5% nitrogen and 9% fully EDTA chelated zinc
  • Fully chelated micronutrient liquid formulation

Crop Health

  • Provides available micronutrients where they usually are blocked due to high pH or carbonates
  • Makes trace elements available to the plant, mobile in the soil and stable in the fertilizer formulations
  • Compatible with most fertilizer formulations, especially in calcium and phosphate-based products

Ease of Use

  • MicroEdge Zinc can be applied in-furrow at planting, 2x2 or in a band, or in broadcast fertilizer applications, and can also be applied via foliar application. MicroEdge Zinc is compatible with other fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Jar test prior to any application.