How it Works

4-24-4 with CropPWR™ provides nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to energize young plants for vigorous early growth in cooler spring soils. Its 80/20 Orthophosphate Polyphosphate blend gives you 80% immediate available phosphate while 20% converts overtime to become available phosphorus.

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat

To be used in furrow or foliar applied

1-5 gallon/acre


  • 80% immediately available phosphorus, 20% phosphorus that become available after conversion. The rate of conversion depends on soil temperature and moisture.
  • Is a tool that can give your crop an early kickstart for higher yields at harvest.
  • Enhance seedling development by supplying young roots systems with essential nutrients to promote early growth.
  • Starters are particularly beneficial when planting seeds in cold wet soil.

      What is CropPWR™ Technology?

      CropPWR Technology is a Landus proprietary biostimulant (plant extracts derived from Ecklonia Maxima) + amino acid complex designed to boost crop performance and yield potential. CropPWR regulates and enhances crops physiological processes for improved yields and quality.