How it Works

With a unique blend of slow-release Nitrogen (SRN) and Boron (B), NitroEdge Boron™ provides an optimum solution for in-season Nitrogen (N) applications for crops. NitroEdge Boron can be used as a supplemental N nutrition tool in times of high N uptake. It can be used to correct N deficiencies or help plants rebound as a rescue application due to adverse stress conditions. It can also be used as a “spoon-feeding” strategy for increasing N uptake for higher yields.

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Cereal Grains, Alfalfa, Hay, & Forages

Foliar Applications

1-5 gallons/acre

Can be used alone or in tank mixtures. Please refer to the tank mix product label for application timing and restrictions.


Nutrient Availability

  • Increases uptake, translocation, and assimilation of N
  • SRN increases nitrogen absorption by the crop and reduces risks of environmental losses

Crop Health

  • SRN in NitroEdge Boron reduces the risk for crop leaf burn and crop damage from in-season applications
  • Aids in plant development by regulating sugar and starches, improving crop overall health and yield potential
  • Increases crop tolerance to abiotic stressors like cold temperatures, drought, and fertilizer-induced salinity stress
  • NitroEdge Boron’s biostimulant helps promote root development for better nutrient and water uptake
  • NitroEdge Boron’s amino acid complex increases plant energy, which improves nutrient uptake and utilization

Ease of Use

  • Wide window of application with positive performance
  • Compatible with most fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides for easy tank mix applications

What is CropPWR™ Technology?

CropPWR Technology is a Landus proprietary biostimulant (plant extracts derived from Ecklonia Maxima) + amino acid complex designed to boost crop performance and yield potential. CropPWR regulates and enhances crops physiological processes for improved yields and quality.